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Cathleen Bellerose LPN, LMT 


I studied massage at Florida College of Natural Health in Maitland Florida , I have also been a nurse for 20+ years.  The last 10 years I worked in the hospital where I saw patients coming in addicted to pain medication (mostly oxycontin).   When they are admitted for surgery or an injury they need to be put on very high doses of IV pain medication to control the pain from that surgery.

 I know from personal experience that deep tissue massage targeting those muscles compensating for the injury will tremendously reduce their pain.  For myself, before going into massage therapy I was dragging my right leg and could not stand upright without pain.  I was on long term pain and arthritis medications.  While in school the instructor showed me the muscles that needed work and I am now pain medication free,  I am no longer on antidepressants because massage reduced my anxiety and depression.  I can, for the first time in 15 years, touch the floor without difficulty.

In my spare time I try and educate others on the holistic approaches to health. 



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