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I have notice a lot of people in my office with low back and shoulder pain.  In this world everyone is sitting at a desk hunched over a computer if not at work it's at home.  Take this tip and stretch daily and imaging your body being pulled up by a sky hook forcing you to sit up straight.

"Your hands are magic you will be famous because you touch my body and I am healed"

J.S. Daytona Beach

"I suffered for a week unable to move my neck and I couldn't lift my arm higher then shoulder height.  I went to see Cathleen and I can move my neck and lift my arm all the way up over my head."

Melanie S.  Ormond Beach FL


"I received a gift of a Pink Lotus Healing Massage for my birthday, but I actually hesitated to go because I had been suffering from a rotator cuff injury(searing pain when ever I would lift my right arm and I was so afraid to let anyone touch it! I was considering pain medication, steroid shots,surgery- I was about to make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist.

Cathleen was obviously familiar with this type of injury and reassured me but inside was still skeptical, until the first 90 minute therapeutic deep tissue massage was over! I experienced such a change in the level of pain I thought I was imagining it.  She hit several pressure points I didn't even know I had and she was right on the money.  I have been back for three massages now and the shoulder pain is almost completely gone with not a drug or shot or MRI that I thought was in for. Plus it feels TERRIFIC!

I am seeing her regularly now and will continue to do so.  Next time we're doing the hot stones.... I recommend her to everyone I meet.  Thank you Cathleen!

Amy P. 

Daytona Beach.

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